Friday, December 23

Tasty Looking Ride

During a roll around the Hollywood Forever Cemetery my ride was accosted by a gaggle of gargantuan graveyard geese -- including this one, who opted to brazenly nibble at the spokes.

Back away from the bike ya foul fowl!

Friday, December 16

Good Karma Opps: Yet Another Reason To Ride A Bike

Traveling east on Sunset this afternoon in Echo Park I look down and pass a California driver license face up smack dab in the middle of the bike lane, just as is seen on the right. Doubling back to retrieve it, I'm next looking at the potentially thuggish mug of a young man named Israel who resides in the 90042 and wont' be 21 until next July.

I pocketed the ID and went about my business and the first thing I did when I arrived home was put Israel's address on an envelope and enclose a note which read: "Sometimes the best gift to give or get is the kindness of a good deed." It'll go out in tomorrow's mail.

Thursday, December 15

New Year at the Golden Gate

in the biciblog email this week:
Hello, my name is Jason. I am bicyclist hailing from La Mirada (about 20 min from you). I just wanted to let you guys know that I am planning on heading up to San Fran to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge at 12am on New Years Eve. There is not any sort of significance to this little outing, except for the fact that it seemed like a totally sweet idea. I was hoping that maybe you could post this on your blog, calendar of events, or something like that. I have included links to two posts I made on craigslist (SF and LA), feel free to print them out and staple them up to your billboard or whatever. Additionally, feel free to post my email address if anyone has questions about the get together. Hope to see some of you folks there!

on fixed gear riding

found this on The gallery
...The track frame and wheels are taut as a bowstring. My body is both the arm that draws it and the flying arrow. My eyes just lock onto the way ahead and my mind empties. The road, the bike and I are in perfect equilibrium at last. The hypnotic syncopated rhythms of my legs, lungs and heart correspond perfectly to the spinning cranks and wheels. The purring chain is my very pumping blood. I can pedal like this forever. The road a Mobius strip that leads me to myself. The demand of the pedals is precisely what I want to supply, no more, no less. I can stop this flow and the bike will carry my flaccid legs around or I can explode and drive, bouncing forward, to an ultimate, cadence-limited speed. But I am perfect as I am. There is no boundary between me and the bike...
by Matthew Boorer

LADWP Festival Of Lights Bike Ride

December 13, 2005 / 7 p.m. / Griffith Park

Sunday, December 11

old school kitchen. free your bike.

i was lurking in the old pantry the other day and i found this flyer from the old BYOB days. rumor has it that jimmy lizama is the author and pink used to be the color of choice


Saturday, December 10

Ridazz Conquer Hollywood

I was finally able to participate in my first Midnight Ridazz tonight and rather than drown my enthusiasm at the dive bar at the journey's end, I came home to try to make sense of it all. But it'll take awhile to come down from the adrenaline of the overall experience, not to mention splitting the lanes going the wrong way on a gridlocked Hollywood Boulevard like we fucking owned the place -- which we goddam did! So all I can offer is: AWESOME, and a small pre-ride photo set here on Flickr:

UPDATE (12/13): Two brief bar-level POV videoclips from the ride can be found here at the Google Video site

Tuesday, December 6

Damn Glad To Be Here

By way of an introduction, I've been acquainted with the Bicycle Kitchen for more than a year, but it was only last August when I ventured inside to participate in the BK's inaugural wheel-building class, which changed my life.

Well, not like totally changed my life, but with the help of Jim Cadenhead it did kickstart a resurrection project on an abandoned road bike that I'd rescued only to let it sit around for so many months. Outfitted from the tires up now as a single-speeder with new everything, a home-brew paintjob, and a whole lot of assistance and support from Jim, Ben, Thomas, Somer and so many others, the ride I dubbed "The Phoenix" rose again and she officially rolled a couple weeks ago with that Sunday afternoon groupride down Sunset to the Not A Cornfield project. I've put about 50 miles on The Phoenix since that Sunday ride and this past weekend participated with about 15 or so other cyclists leading the Echo Park Holiday Parade. Good times.

There's not a trip I make on her that I don't feel a special bond. To some, though such talk is goofy. They don't get the connection that's made. To them, a project like that is just a big "so what?" and it's tough to make them understand the pride that comes with taking a rusted up and destroyed bike destined for the scrap heap and returning it to a new life on the road with my heart and my own two hands. They say they'd take the money I spent and buy an off-the-racker (or even two) at Costco, but where's the sense of accomplishment and adventure in that?

So I guess what I'm saying is that while the Bicycle Kitchen may not change your life, it can certainly change your point of view. So if you're new and curious as to what the Bicycle Kitchen has to offer, go on down and talk with one of the cooks on duty and hook yourself up with a project bike of your own. You may not believe there's joy to be found in replacing a bottom bracket or threading a brake cable, but there is.

Some photos of the cyclists in the parade can be found here:

Friday, December 2

toxic bike

someone sent me these articles and even after this window popped on my screen with a radio shack add when i clicked on the link i decided to read them.

Nobody Bikes in L.A.
But they'd be a lot happier if they did

By Andy Bowers

The Bicycle Diaries
Is it possible to live in America without a car? Uh, sort of.

By Bill Gifford

you know, high gas prices, and the character decides in a heroical act of defiance to try and ride a bicycle and comes up with all this remarcable experiences that, why not, could make a great article, a little extra cash and a good excuse to the editor for showing up all sweaty once in a while. there seems to be a good intention in them. the idea that it is possible to ride a bike is permeating greater media. but they end with bitter commentaries that return happily to the confort of the car, after the picturesque adventure of the bicycle. pretty much in the fashion of the serialized tale where things go back to their normal state at the end of the episode.

these articles are cathartic tales in the sense that they release emotional tension (about driving your car, about paying so much for gas, about your long commute)but then lay down the reader in the unchanged shores of the real world (where there is nothing to do, unless you take the path of the deviated). i believe this format diminishes the power of the subject , marking it more as something in the world out there and less as something to incorporate to your life. bikes are presented in a prophylactic fashion. sorrounded by the bubble of the freakish.
their radical toxicity fogged by a quiet condescending chuckle.

Saturday, November 26

Abandoned Velodrome

Im in Detroit freezing my ass off right now. And yesterday I went in search of the old Detroit Bike track. They just put in a new expensive 'drome in the suburbs, but the original is inside city limits. Take a look -

Happy holidays yall,


Tuesday, November 22

Olympic BL. between Veteran and Fairfax SYNCHRONICITY AHEAD!! (All Over Los Angeles)

Scott G. sent this one to the cooks email list. i took the liberty to post it here, i guess you can reply to the original author to this anonymized email adress:

Found this in the missed connections section which I am so fond of reading while I should be working.enjoy.
Date: 2005-11-08, 11:42AM

You: Riding your bike down Olympic during rush hour.
Me: Nasa cap wearing commuter cheering you on from the interior of my transport bubble!

You: Amazing creature.
Me: Standing and applauding your tenacity, bravery, and enviromental friendliness. Or is it a case of frugalness? Maybe just effectiveness. Whatever the motivation. Your behavior riveted my stuck-in-traffic-listening-to-All-Things-Considered attention. LA radio sucks. I need to get Sirius.

Well enough with the compliments and asides-on with the story. Included herein: personal character flaws, like shyness, driving during rush hour, bitterness, and a sense of betrayal . And remember that little bit of PR in the tagline: synchronous events (not one but two) are in your future!

I first noticed you riding your ten-speed East on Olympic. At first I was like, this has got to be some homeless tweaker bitch fucking up rush hour and had no where really to go. Then I saw the ass-light, blinking red from that cute little dunk undulating in the swaying headlights of the car behind you. Wow, safe and legal. I never use my ass-light. I feel too much like a dork, but you were motoring right in the middle of the lane-a little like the tweaker above, but more I came to realize, like the serious biker you are trying to haul ass to your destination, no bullshit, your strategic riding caused you to pull way ahead of me several times. Of course slipping in and out of the assholes on Olympic riding up to the lights and hitting the green hard and pulling forward. That's the way to do it girl. I ride in rush hour once in a while and I know you just gotta take your advantage when you can. Enough of this B.O.B. I was actually entertained by your journey and rooting for yo
u. But
of course if you pulled too far ahead I could not see you. Blast, evil traffic--the cause and structure of the arc of our drama. Finally I passed you.


Thin and blonde and clad from neck to mid-calf (pant leg pulled up to avaid chain-age) in black. Curvy and cute, your hair pulled back in a pony-tail. Wow. I was smitten. Though I could not see your eyes, I know there was determination there, a hint of anger and the twinkle of victory.

I can't look long because the bastard in front of me has jammed his brakes, and whoosh ahead you pull. Staring ahead to see your progress I notice the beat up Escort has some out of state plates (probably Washington now that I think of it) with the word OLYPIAN. Yes my darling you were my slick OLYPIAN sliding through traffic down Olympic. Now I always take note of these events, we call them COINCIDENCE. One thing relates to another (yes the vanity plate was refering to olympian as in on who particpates in the Olympics or one who lives in Olympia) and of course Olympic was named in honor of the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. So this is just as I saw COINCIDENCE (keep reading Sychronicity still ahead).

I pass you finally three times. I lose you somewhere around Fairfax, which is good, because I blew a couple red lights in my furor to find you and I was worried about how you would make it through that long crazy intersection, too many lights to many crossing streets, a distracting Starbucks. I was sad, but I was making great time now to my appointment in Los Feliz.

As it would come to pass I was way early for my appointment, my appoinmentee was running late so I killed some time at Soap Plant, Wacko, La Luz de Jesus Gallery. It like a potato gun of stuff packed to bursting ready to exploded wackiness and underground art all over your face. I like the place don't make it there enough. So the rude-yet-o-so-hip clerk yells for us to bring our purchases to the front and leave. As I walk up I see a blond, cute and thin and dressed in black and I think. They must be everywhere. She's talking in a very familiar way to the rude-yet-o-so-hip clerk. Probably an S.O. Cool. But I happen to flash a look back in the door to verify your cuteness (Okay I was checking out your ass) and okay here's where my brain exploded just a little bit. ASS-LIGHT!!!

Yeah. No. What the fuck. The cosmos is fucking with me. Fuck you cosmos. Fuck you in the fucking ass fucking piece of shit cosmos. It is my Olympic Racer. Hot as ever and pant lowered to proper ankle length. But of course her body language said. "i'm talking to someone I really care about" so I didn't approach, because I was too shy, and I was glad I didn't go with my impulse to shout out my window earlier, I was glad I didn'y honk flash my highbeams or any other drawing of attention. That's just my bullshit shyness, but also in this case, well I did see her again. Fuck. O well. So this is the where SYNCHRONCITY resides. I looked for her bike. Locked up there right in front of Soap Plant, Wacko, La Luz de Jesus Gallery. And this is where my brian threw up on itself. This is where reality became a reality show, this is where all the acid and mushrooms loomed there ugly flashbacks. The model of bike she was riding...

Just guess...

Go ahead...



Fuck me.

At that moment I felt that the universe wanted me to come in there and sweep you off your feet and take you away from the torment of a 10.27 mile ride. Take you away from that clerk. When the store was finally closed I saw the two of you walk off arm-in-arm-arm-in-bike. The cosmos mocks me. But alas...

I recognize your soul. Really. I love to ride in traffic- the glory, the pain, the physical, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. I know. I understand.

this is my MC. I am drained.

Of course as I finished meeting with my writing partner, around midnight, I think I saw your ghost again. Smoking a cigarrette behind the restaurant at the north west corner of Vermont and Melbourne. My Olympic Racer, I think I could love you.


to get to the skid flick

Silver Lake Skid Flick

check it here:

Things you find on your bicycle

On burlington, beween third and beverly, on the last little hill before home, this was a cry I couldn't ignore.

I put him in my pocket and walked the rest of the way. Cleaned him up, he's sure dirty, fed him and held him wrapped in a towel until he fell asleep.

HE (i think he's a he) NEEDS A HOME!!!

email Kelly at if you're interested.

Friday, November 18


Hey yall!

Got some time to waste?
Check out this video starring some of your favorite LA bike enthusiasts.



Wednesday, October 19

Bicycle Summer

A few snapshots from Bicycle Summer LA 2005 can be found at this link:

Monday, October 17

Bicycle Kitchen Benefit Party!!

Bicycle kitchen benefit 2005 FLYER

Lost and Found

found car budgetfound car budget

I found this piece of paper folded up and nestled next to my rear tire
when I came out of school the other day. Of course I eagerly opened it,
wondering which sly friend had left me a secret message. But, no, it
turned out to be another one of those fascinating things that finds its
way into your path when you choose to ramble the city on two wheels. A
random person's hand-written budget. This sudden and unsolicited intimacy
with a passing stranger is interesting enough all alone. But as I read
it, it turned out that in fact it was a message! And it was loud and
clear! It was saying to me, "Remember that huge piece of metal that used
to cage you in? Remember the financial burden? Remember how traffic used
to be not fun? That aweful stress of trying to stay legal and maintained?"
and on and on... and I said to myself, "Yes! Yes, self, I do! Thank the
bicycle gods that THAT is long gone!" And so it is. This budget could
have been mine a year ago. At least half of it is car-related. But last
February I took the leap that seems so unfathomable to most in this city:
I got rid of my car. It was the best decision I've made in quite awhile.
It may still be this poor person's plight, but for me priorities #1 and 3
and 4 and 7 now only have four wheels when a friend is next to me, and are
fed by oil only when the tacos are especially yummy.....and I couldn't be
happier about it.


Monday, September 19

the graziella

This past saturday was the well attended event in Rome "la Notte Bianca" during which millions of people stayed out all night to take advantage of the open shops and restaurants and the free museums and concerts. It was also the night of the Graziella World Champion Race
The Graziella is, in my opinion, among the worlds ugliest bicycles. Its function is limited by the gigantic hinge in the middle. It is a collapsable bicycle that nobody ever folds. I see them abandoned on the outskirts of every town, rusted permanently shut (or open, if you prefer) and after seeing them in action I am determined to bring one home.
The race consisted of two revolutions of Circus Massimus which is the historic site of the rape of the sabine women. There was a required pitstop after the first lap for two glasses of wine, after which the cyclists went pedaling madly into the dark and the cold, their little wheels splashing through the mud. Mud?!! Somehow, on this important night, nature gave us twelve hours of thunderstorms. But this did not deter the dedicated riders-spectators and racers alike-who endured the chilling midnight wetness for a love of the graziella. I got the feeling that this is the sort of thing that might not happen back inthe states.

Sunday, September 18

Sunday, September 11

talk about dumb luck.

20 feet from home and my bike is demolished. it wasn't my fault, or was it? maybe i was the one dumb enough to think you could ride a bike in the street at 1:30 on a friday night.

Tuesday, September 6

riding stairs in naples

I have just gone round southern Italy by bike and now I have a place in Rome. Yes, Rome is a dynamic environment for riding. I really love it but the wide roman boulevards and the generally polite drivers cannot compete with Naples for sheer death-wish heart-stopping nighttime riding. I have never before been is such wonderful chaos. After I took off the panniers I went out for a pizza and beer in the spanish quarter. Riding in there is like being caught in a flash flood. the streets are rough with trolly tracks and broken glass. the cars and scooters are held together with tape and some do not even have lights. They come and go oin the narrow alleyways at will--always fast. From a sidestreet may shoot a stroller or a truck but nobody stops or even slows. hey, a vespa with a 13 year old smoking and honking after his girl. Chase him if you can its like playing with wasps. in the center of a rotunda it is a no-mans land. No other biker is fast enough to to enter or exit. in fact, there are few othe cyclists. Maybe they have been afraid, or killed off. And for dessert, try riding the tricky stairs that go all the way from the fortress on the hill to the sea. You will be very happy if you survive.

by David Sanford

Wednesday, August 31

media coverage

a video of the 2005 Cycle Messenger World Championships Skids finals. featuring our incredible skidding Somerset wearing a first edition fool bag. courtesy of bikeTV.

our ridazz

I've noticed that someone has been uploading pictures to flickr with the tag ridazz so i joined with a batch of scanned spoke cards. i'd love to see some more, not being much of a collector i've lost a few, but i managed to get the 1 year aniversary s.card, the Death in Venice s.card (to the left) and the symbol for the GUIDING LIGHT of TRANSVELOSTANTIATION in s.card form.
keep on taggin' those ridazz pics, and if you want more documentation don't forget the ridazz yahoo group and the mailing list. ridazz has been mentioned by some other L.A. bloggers: eric richardson who also made a nice flicker photo set of the august 2005 ride. blogdowntown has noticed and so has mr. hexod (who also made some link research about ridazz). our friends at wrote a little piece with some cool pics. and there are two threads on bikeforum titled "
"Midnight Ridazz in Los Angeles and playing Dressup?" and "LOS ANGELES. MIDNIGHT. FRIDAY the 13th.". a post by Complacent P -oh man, this is a lot of e-attention- and sure, there is a podcast on bikescape. thanks to all for the web-cred and keep it midnight, keep it real.


some nice nice pictures of the october Midnigth ridazz (Dead Theater Ride) by Mark Nealey. Thanks Mark!

bike boom

a calendar of cycling events in the Los Angeles area. i think this one sprout from bikesummer is not to be overlooked:

Thursday, August 25

bag culture

Eric Zo, the maker of legendary Zo bags is celebrating 20 years of bag making. retrospective of his work at lincart gallery. check it out if you happen to be around sanfran in september and send me your meditations about the role of bags in bike culture. i'm very intrigued by that subject as some of you might know.
congrats and respect to Mr.Z!

Wednesday, August 17

the voice of L.A

did i forget the sound? i mean. i ride and i ride, and i hear the sound of the street but it's so much more intense when i've been inside a car and then i ride the bike again. but the thing is, i haven't been in a car for a loooong time, thanks to the cycle gods, and now i feel habituated to the sound(s). oh, sound sense of marvel, come to me!
it will. i'm sure. but i do love when it comes to others, and they write it (mentioning the bike kitchen by the way), mr reed writes at the
...Biking L.A. at night is an intimate romance with the streetscape. The smell of frying onions, the splash of tires through puddles from a carwash, the visceral WHOMP of passing boomcars ...
may he be blessed, and all of you who smell, feel and hear from your two wheeled vehicle-friends.

Monday, August 8

visitors from outer state

monday at the kitchen. one of those casual visitors walks in. this cool guy from chicago who works at the Working Bikes Coop. just checking out the place. kelly and i and vlad received him with some of that bici-warmth. it's cool how that interconnection happens. simple as that, and yet, complex informational procedures taking place. two wheeled empathy if you want.

Friday, August 5


50 people in wind-inflated suits, riding bikes. This is the best thing ever. She's hit NYC, SF, CapeTown, and now LA! SEPTEMBER 10. I can't wait.


A Seattle org that places "ghostcycles" in accident-prone spots around the city. 98% of respondents said they were obeying the law when the accident occurred.

Monday, July 11

two eyes, two wheels, two legs, two cogs

11bhso i found this new site in spanish dedicated to fixed gear bikes: simplifica (simplify). from Spain. good translations, explanations and resources. i'll try to convince them to start using "piñon directo" instead of "piñon fijo" for fixed gear. who knows, it might work. but more important, cyclocitiZenship international is growing. here is the italian take on the subject, and more, the italian artistic take on the subject. more to come, i hope.

Sunday, June 19

Here's a little secret....

House rules prohibit the parking of bicycles in the living room.
But, as the saying goes, when the cat's away, it's a regular rat day.
So of course, the first thing I did when the tomcat got in a taxi bound for LAX was wheel my other sweetheart into the living room. Later, I walked in and the light was so gorgeous coming through the wheels I just about fell over with joy.
Please don't tell....

Earlier that day I went on a Bikesummer ride to a community garden and parked my pony in the chicken coop. My bike is 36 years old and I'm pretty sure this is the closest it's been to chickens. I think it was pretty happy there... I was hoping I might come back to find an egg in my helmet, but no luck.

Friday, June 10


Two things:

1. It's an openhouse, meaning "Gentlemen Welcome."

2. The rad flyer was designed by Miss Kim


bitchen_openhouse_flyer_web, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

We will have guest speakers Harmony Groves and Bicycle Bill Burton from the Arcata Bike Library. It's an openhouse in honor of Bikesummer AND an after hours Birthday Bash for Emily! YAAAYYY!

Wednesday, June 8

Holy Bicycle


Help those still BLIND to the DIVINITY of BICYCLE. DELIVER the LOST SOUL who lives in DARKNESS without BICYCLE. BRING FORTH this most RELUCTANT RIDER to Pioneer Chicken at 9.30PM Friday June 10. Echo Park Blvd. @ Sunset.


No RIDAZZ left behind.

UFO powered by VBC. To come at MIDNIGHT.

(genius from the midnight ridazz mailing list)

Tuesday, May 31

Ruckus Revue

Ruckus Revue, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

Hope to see you there!

Benefit for the Bicycle Kitchen

Carl and Vladimir cooked this up for the Kitchen with this month's early rendition of the Old Time Ruckus Revue.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 24

Bikesummer kick-off party 3rd June!

LA BikeSummer 2005 : Who Knew What to Expect?

BikeSummer, more of an invitation than an event, is an opportunity for the hosting city to show off its bicycle culture. One week before the kick-off event and the people whom make up LA's bike culture have come through in extraordinary ways. BikeSummer comes at a crucial time for LA. While previous hosting cities have had an established bicycle infrastructure, LA's is still forming. Those of us who have worked together on the lead up projects had previously not known each other well; in a way BikeSummer has already been successful in coalescing our various subcultures. Recently I've been to almost half a dozen other cities, armed with newsletters and stickers, talking to other cyclists about LA and cycling. The response has been better than expected and I'm fortunate to be a part of such an amazing movement (cause it is whether we call it that or not!). LA's potential as a bike city is huge: wide, (mostly) flat roads, fantastic weather, and a plethora of resources for cyclists. The events for the month of June are as various as the city itself! From rides on the beach and in the nearby mountains, to art tours/shows and music events, and even scavenger hunts and centuries. Can't wait to be off the computer and on the streets with so many amazing people! My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to make BikeSummer happen; you know who you are. Peace.

LA BikeSummer 2005 )

Thursday, May 19

It''s Never Happend Before

The other day I was headed to the Kitchen from Culver City. Heading East on Melrose during rush hour - booking it past all the bunched up autos. I was coming up to Wilton's red light when this motorcycle pulled into the bike lane (not that there is one) and passed 4 or 5 cars on the right to get to the front of the line. The whole time this motorcycle cop was already at the head of the lane - he had to of seen it all...then the light turned green and off both the motorcycles went. At the next light the cop and I were neck and neck and I shouted out to him, while pointing at the civilian biker, "You saw that he passed on the right, right? And that is against the law, right?" He nodded his head.

Off he went - tailing the motorcycle that he had not even considered giving a ticket to. Just East of Western, on goes the lights, over goes the cop and biker. I can't believe it. A cop actually listened to me and wrote a guy a ticket cuz a bicyclist pointed out that something was against the law.

Never have I felt like the traffic cops are out there to serve and protect us bikers. Maybe it is as simple as just asking? Maybe...

Wednesday, May 18


for the ladies... (or whatever...)
click here for good times
c'mon boys, you know you wanna post.

Tuesday, May 17


tornpants, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

Perils of Fixie Ridin'

Luckily, I was riding on the left side of the street, kind of ambling along as I didn't have far to go between one point and a cup of coffee. When all of sudden, I felt this tug on my right leg and my foot and calf made this wierd circle pull down that was quite unnatural and painful. I hopped off in the middle of an intersection!!!, but luckily there were no fast cars and it took a quick pull to release the chain and chainrings' toothfull grip on my jeans. Apparently, I did not have my pants rolled up high enough. Thanks be to whoever I wasn't bombing down some hill.

Sunday, May 15

Rudy's Barbershop & Baseman Show...

Small world I tell ya. I was getting my mullet chopped off at Rudy's Barbershop and over heard the stylist in the next chair talking about the Ridazz Prom ride. Fun meeting fellow Ridazz and Kitchen people around the city.

I rode over to check out the Baseman opening nite at the Billy Shire Gallery in Culver City. Saw three other bikes locked up next to mine. Anyone of you? Good show.

Thursday, May 12

Bike Life Drugs
Chunk Gang - Choppacabras Gang - Bike Life can get rowdy!

Monday, May 9


beer, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

Kitchen folk love beer. 92 times

Auf Wierdersehn!

philips, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

crappy spelling. blue light.


greengreen, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

The time for a pullover and click of the digital shutter.

Bicycle Sight

rooster, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

A simple glimpse to why I love to ride: A rooster and double green.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I love this quote by Chris Kostman

“Cycling opens the world, while providing the most efficient means of transportation ever devised for humans. Whether training, racing, or commuting, cycling teaches blending with the landscape like no other mechanized activity. Momentum, aerodynamics, geography, climate, and
more, they all open up their secrets at cycling-speed. And at the same time, the bicycle puts the rider in touch with the human environment,
generating waves, smiles, and hi’s from passers-by and fellow road users, not to mention teaching one how to predict, negotiate, and avoid those less friendly to those on two wheels. But most of all, cycling is the ultimate, grin-a-minute, great equalizer, ready to embrace any and all in a wind-in-your-hair, two-wheeled adventure.”
LA BikeSummer 2005

A sticker I made a while ago...

Above is a sticker I made a while back to help promote Critical Mass. I have a cute high-volume shipping label printer. If any of ya'll need stickers made for your rides, I'd be happy to make some- say, 100-200. Contact me through the contact forms on the right side of my website.

You got to coordinate

This bike was in front of the Goodwill Store. It reminded of that line from the movie Boomerang, "Son, you got to coooordinate"

Saturday, May 7

5.6.5 ride

rode from my new place in silverlake over to west hollywood for a free haircut (i had played guitar/sang for an event for this fancy-shmancy salon = gift certificate). hair is really damn short. wandered around melrose and distributed bikesummer stickers. saw this guy i used to like with his hot gf. woo hoo. she's too nice to hate though. sh1t. went to canter's and ate matzo ball soup. then biked back at dusk. almost got hit. funny thing was--as i saw this guy coming for me, my first thought was, "don't hurt my bike!!" weird, eh?

see for random pics from may the 6th, 2005. yay.

Thursday, May 5

Bike Whore...

Rode past this on the side walk in front of La Luz De Jesus.
- nhat

Tuesday, May 3

a christmas story

i rejoice because i have no choice but to square off with los angeles. we see each other across the ring--the mighty mecca vs. the tender-skinned girl. yet when we draw close my punch falls limp and i embrace.

around christmastime i was riding down jefferson when i noticed a group of brawny firemen up on the station. they were trying desperately to hang these dainty little lights, obviously having a hell of a time, but laughing just the same--stretching their navy blue uniforms a bit too much in their effort to decorate. i literally cried. then i thanked my bike. the end.

Monday, May 2

kitchen utensils

i've always been fascinated by objects that have an active life. i like how they wear. i like how they make community. and you might say, objects do not make community. but you know, they belong. they are trace. i'd dare to say that communities and beings are woven out of live things and inanimate things. anyway... after a nice spring ride with L. i droped by the kitchen today with her camera in the bag. i was thinking about a couple of pics for the biciblog but then i got carried away... by the weave you might say. el jimmy was there running the thing with his virtual octupus skill, hands on everything, fluid, no brakes you know. sometimes i think he's like some informational node, linking all, radio on greasy hands. then philipp droped by, he's leaving to germany in two weeks but he rides the rush with his soothing smile. we talked as i took pictures with my usual feline gesture.

bikekitchen 055

bikekitchen 021

bikekitchen 060

bikekitchen 065

bikekitchen 068

bikekitchen 089

now, this is the altar of the wheel, bendita sea la rueda:
bikekitchen 034

and today i had the privilege of seeing the amazing spoke screwing machine:
bikekitchen 088

and i just love the handlebar tree. here is where the brakelevers get to hold the handlebars. role inversion at its best:
bikekitchen 015

is there a patent for this?
bikekitchen 016

the archive:
kitchen back

bikekitchen 087

bikekitchen 004

if you want more pics, bigger sizes, or if you are into flickr click here.

Tuesday, April 26

g. for bike

i'll tell you one thing: building bikes is like making the living collage. the moving cut-up object. the ultimate functional product of the bricoleur. now, riding them, riding a living collage is nothing but freedom. sometimes i wonder what it'd feel to make one from scratch.
must be nothing less than godliness.

door prize

your car door is a deathtrap since i got doored last year i've been meaning to print some flyers with the image from (a site that collects people's car door experiences from around the world) so i can give them to unaware drivers steping out of their cars. i usually yell at them "watch out for cyclists!" but i believe i little more information wouldn't hurt. my friend Thomas "tail-light" Gotschi was telling me about printing some flyers to inform drivers that cyclists have a right to take the lane. i see there is a will to inform drivers, and i like the take from the car door death trap site guy:

"First of all, this is not some kind of one sided anti-car rant. The purpose of the sticker campaign and site is simply to create a higher level of awareness regarding the serious threat car doors present to cyclists every day. Otherwise known as "Dooring". Although I am an old tyme biker I also drive and understand the issue from both sides. Too many car drivers I talk to about this get super defensive, They say: "Yeah, well bicycle riders are crazy, always pulling dumb ass moves through traffic, it's their own fault. That's what you get for riding a bike!" and "Screw that, Roads are for CARS" We all need to consider that modern car centric society has marginalized the bicycle as a safe means of transportation. I can't begin to count how many people, have said to me, they want to ride, but the're afraid to because it's so dangerous out there. C'mon. I'm talking about San Francisco, one of the most bike friendly cities in the United States! Bicycles and cars (of one form or another) are here to stay. As our world population swells the problem will only get worse. We all need to respect and look out for one another on the streets."
in toronto the automobile association and the cycling committee created a "watch for bikes campaign" distributing free stickers to put on the driver's side mirror. there is a creepy compilation of articles and deaths at the Door Zone Project. and the verb made it to the word spy site: to get doored. last year i posted some pics of my bike at the fixedgeargallery as a sort of memorial under the assumption that a remainder of the fallen object celebrates the life of its owner. life as door prize.
ride safe.

lets start with some arwork for the Love of the bike