Thursday, December 15

New Year at the Golden Gate

in the biciblog email this week:
Hello, my name is Jason. I am bicyclist hailing from La Mirada (about 20 min from you). I just wanted to let you guys know that I am planning on heading up to San Fran to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge at 12am on New Years Eve. There is not any sort of significance to this little outing, except for the fact that it seemed like a totally sweet idea. I was hoping that maybe you could post this on your blog, calendar of events, or something like that. I have included links to two posts I made on craigslist (SF and LA), feel free to print them out and staple them up to your billboard or whatever. Additionally, feel free to post my email address if anyone has questions about the get together. Hope to see some of you folks there!

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velo cat said...

Hey man,

How was your ride across the bridge? Post some pics...