Monday, July 11

two eyes, two wheels, two legs, two cogs

11bhso i found this new site in spanish dedicated to fixed gear bikes: simplifica (simplify). from Spain. good translations, explanations and resources. i'll try to convince them to start using "piñon directo" instead of "piñon fijo" for fixed gear. who knows, it might work. but more important, cyclocitiZenship international is growing. here is the italian take on the subject, and more, the italian artistic take on the subject. more to come, i hope.

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K said...

Hi from Spain! I'm K, from Simplifica, and I'm the rider of the big fat slick tires bike...
Thanks a lot for your kind words, and congratulations for your site, I like it very much.
I've change all the text on the web so when the "piñón fijo" word appears, also comes with "piñón directo" behind it.