Saturday, July 22

Orlando Hits The Big Time!

Flipping through the August issue of National Geographic magazine this morning, I lingered on a double-page ad for Liberty Mutual because the dude on the bike at the far left looked immediately familiar:

Congrats on the national exposure Orlando!

Saturday, July 15

July Midnight Ridazz Tops 1300

1345 Ridazz. Nothing official, just a number I overheard thrown out by some pizza delivery dude. Police choppers shinning the midnight sun down on the masses in closed parks. All in all a great time was had. Midnight Ridazz .... Ride On!

You'll find a few photos of this and past adventures here.

And here is a link to YouTube for some video if you like.


Friday, July 7

Arrests at Seattle Critical Mass

An article in The Stranger about police brutality at a recent Seattle Critical Mass.