Monday, May 9

I love this quote by Chris Kostman

“Cycling opens the world, while providing the most efficient means of transportation ever devised for humans. Whether training, racing, or commuting, cycling teaches blending with the landscape like no other mechanized activity. Momentum, aerodynamics, geography, climate, and
more, they all open up their secrets at cycling-speed. And at the same time, the bicycle puts the rider in touch with the human environment,
generating waves, smiles, and hi’s from passers-by and fellow road users, not to mention teaching one how to predict, negotiate, and avoid those less friendly to those on two wheels. But most of all, cycling is the ultimate, grin-a-minute, great equalizer, ready to embrace any and all in a wind-in-your-hair, two-wheeled adventure.”
LA BikeSummer 2005

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