Tuesday, May 17

Perils of Fixie Ridin'

Luckily, I was riding on the left side of the street, kind of ambling along as I didn't have far to go between one point and a cup of coffee. When all of sudden, I felt this tug on my right leg and my foot and calf made this wierd circle pull down that was quite unnatural and painful. I hopped off in the middle of an intersection!!!, but luckily there were no fast cars and it took a quick pull to release the chain and chainrings' toothfull grip on my jeans. Apparently, I did not have my pants rolled up high enough. Thanks be to whoever I wasn't bombing down some hill.


nhat said...

I ate it pretty bad because of my pants once. I did this slow motion ungraceful tumble as one foot was stuck clipped in the other running to keep up with the bike.Glad to hear you made it out okay.

amelia said...

i'm so glad you're ok!! eek!