Tuesday, May 24

LA BikeSummer 2005 : Who Knew What to Expect?

BikeSummer, more of an invitation than an event, is an opportunity for the hosting city to show off its bicycle culture. One week before the kick-off event and the people whom make up LA's bike culture have come through in extraordinary ways. BikeSummer comes at a crucial time for LA. While previous hosting cities have had an established bicycle infrastructure, LA's is still forming. Those of us who have worked together on the lead up projects had previously not known each other well; in a way BikeSummer has already been successful in coalescing our various subcultures. Recently I've been to almost half a dozen other cities, armed with newsletters and stickers, talking to other cyclists about LA and cycling. The response has been better than expected and I'm fortunate to be a part of such an amazing movement (cause it is whether we call it that or not!). LA's potential as a bike city is huge: wide, (mostly) flat roads, fantastic weather, and a plethora of resources for cyclists. The events for the month of June are as various as the city itself! From rides on the beach and in the nearby mountains, to art tours/shows and music events, and even scavenger hunts and centuries. Can't wait to be off the computer and on the streets with so many amazing people! My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to make BikeSummer happen; you know who you are. Peace.

LA BikeSummer 2005 )

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