Wednesday, August 17

the voice of L.A

did i forget the sound? i mean. i ride and i ride, and i hear the sound of the street but it's so much more intense when i've been inside a car and then i ride the bike again. but the thing is, i haven't been in a car for a loooong time, thanks to the cycle gods, and now i feel habituated to the sound(s). oh, sound sense of marvel, come to me!
it will. i'm sure. but i do love when it comes to others, and they write it (mentioning the bike kitchen by the way), mr reed writes at the
...Biking L.A. at night is an intimate romance with the streetscape. The smell of frying onions, the splash of tires through puddles from a carwash, the visceral WHOMP of passing boomcars ...
may he be blessed, and all of you who smell, feel and hear from your two wheeled vehicle-friends.

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Lauren said...

Yes, yes, my favorite ride in LA was from Western & Wilshire, up Harvard Blvd at night-I hear kids playing, the clink of dishes being washed, people talking to friends on the phone in many different languages, dogs barking, crickets chirping. It sounds like I am in a different place, a different country.