Friday, June 16

Kitchen Bikes

so i'm creating a gallery of bicycles built at the bicycle kitchen. it's a long due project. i guess we have been too busy building bikes to document them. but now it's the time. it would be great if you want to send me pictures of your bikes or the bikes of your friends that have been built at the kitchen. names, descriptions, dates and stories are all welcomed and encouraged. i will post them in a web page, so if you want to give credit for the pics please let me know.

send them to
or if you prefer flicker or something like that send me the URL.

our Bici Cocina and this blog are alive and well thanks to you all.
Ride On!

Thursday, June 15

Is there any interest in organizing a rally at a gas station? is facilitating a spate of events in the early evening of June 28. I think this could be a way to begin building a coalition, to begin building some bridges with car people. It could also be a really good way to hang out at gas stations. Please post comments if interested. I'll move the event to BikeBoom if we get some positive feedback. Below is MovOn's description:

Rally for an Oil Free Congress

Gas prices are off the charts, the situation in the Middle East is unstable, scientists are warning that global warming is at a tipping point, and last month, MoveOn members decided that �clean, sustainable energy� should be one of our key goals. That�s why it�s time for an �Oil-Free Congress.�

On Wednesday, June 28th�right before the 4th of July when gas prices will be front and center as folks plan for the long weekend�we�re going to be holding gas station rallies across the country. We'll tell Congress it's time to say no to Big Oil's money and become Oil Free. Sign up for an event near you or host your own..

Tuesday, June 13

Ridazz Taken Back


Monday, June 12

More Ridazz Sell Out

More photos from Mark can be found here.

Saturday, June 10

Tuesday, June 6

Red Light tix

Hey folks. Perhaps a rant, perhaps a p*ss off to the cops. A few weeks ago, I believe it was "ride to work day," I was pedaling my usual commute: Los Feliz to Santa Monica. Rolling down Olympic to Crescent Heights, I was held up at a red light. With no traffic crossing against me, i rolled through. Not a block later, sirens are on and sounds of "pull over to your right," are haunting my stride. The fine folks of LAPD had arrived, handing me my first ever ticket for running a red light - on my bike no less. I haven't heard a word since, but the officer mentioned my charges would be the same as a motor vehicle. I plan on contesting simply the "I'm not a motor vehicle" case, and I will post the results. Now, on my commute I see cars run red lights, cars speed past me double the speed limit, UPS trucks run my bikin butt up the curb and into the gutter, and other obvious signs of life-threatening law breaking motorists. Yet the biker gets the fine. Was I an easy target? Were they trying to meet a quota? And why this on bike to work day? Rhetorical questions, just beware and ride safe. Cheers.

Saturday, June 3

RIDE-Arc Hits The Escape Key

Last night's RIDE-Arc ride was a departure from the norm in a couple different ways. Not only did it deviate from its usual stop-and-talk informational format, but man did we got the hell away from it all.

First off we took a wholly unique route outta Chinatown that involved spiraling access ramps to pedestrian walkways paralleling the 110 Freeway. Down a stinky staircase and over to Riverside Drive we next entered the L.A. River Bikeway from it's humble unlighted, dip-filled Frogtown endings north of Figueroa to its proud, well-paved and much more illuminated beginnings next to the 134 Freeway. After that it was up, up and away into the heart and height of Griffith Park (the route through the park is the same that I posted here back in February). After all that climbing up to the top we found the temps oddly warmer than down at street level and we were serenaded and scoped out by a pair of great horned owls before winding our way back down and through the tunnel under Mt. Hollywood...

...and past the Greek Theater on our way back to civilization. I didn't get a chance to nab a lot of snapshots, but I do want to give an appreciative photographic shout out to the kind riders who marvelously personified the No Rider Left Behind ethic in coming to the aid of my friend Alice in speedily patching her tube after she flatted on the river path just north of Fletcher:

UPDATE: Stephen Roullier's pix of us nightriders are available here.