Monday, May 2

kitchen utensils

i've always been fascinated by objects that have an active life. i like how they wear. i like how they make community. and you might say, objects do not make community. but you know, they belong. they are trace. i'd dare to say that communities and beings are woven out of live things and inanimate things. anyway... after a nice spring ride with L. i droped by the kitchen today with her camera in the bag. i was thinking about a couple of pics for the biciblog but then i got carried away... by the weave you might say. el jimmy was there running the thing with his virtual octupus skill, hands on everything, fluid, no brakes you know. sometimes i think he's like some informational node, linking all, radio on greasy hands. then philipp droped by, he's leaving to germany in two weeks but he rides the rush with his soothing smile. we talked as i took pictures with my usual feline gesture.

bikekitchen 055

bikekitchen 021

bikekitchen 060

bikekitchen 065

bikekitchen 068

bikekitchen 089

now, this is the altar of the wheel, bendita sea la rueda:
bikekitchen 034

and today i had the privilege of seeing the amazing spoke screwing machine:
bikekitchen 088

and i just love the handlebar tree. here is where the brakelevers get to hold the handlebars. role inversion at its best:
bikekitchen 015

is there a patent for this?
bikekitchen 016

the archive:
kitchen back

bikekitchen 087

bikekitchen 004

if you want more pics, bigger sizes, or if you are into flickr click here.

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