Wednesday, March 29

Mother's Day Race! May 14th.

Hey everyone, i moved here from boston, mass and i notice you guys dont have that many races/alleycats planned so i thought i would start something up and hopefully it catches.

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so far it starts at the LA public library. there will be around 5 checkpoints and you have to get it signed etc etc... its going to be over 30-40 mile ride.

I have this flyer going so far. but im trying to get some sponsers and get prizes other than cash. my roomate here has a clothing company that might be sponsering it and etc.
so defintily come out and check it out
there's most likley going to be a party afterwards. im waiting on word for that.
if you have any questions you can email me (look at the flyer)

and if you have any input on the race let me know! im going to need help with it.

Putting The "Go" In Verdugos

For whatever reason — let's call it spring fever — the last couple of years at the end of March have marked a tradition of undertaking "10 Rides In 30 Days" up in the Verdugo Mountains north of Glendale, pretty much the closest rideable trails to the city of Los Angeles, where mountain cyclists are considered lower than the dirt they're banned from setting tread on.

In the satellite image above (pieced together from the Terraserver-USA website) I've marked out the course of the climb up the Verdugos' Beaudry North trail (officially referred to as a "motorway" but I dislike that inappropriate term) that I travel on to get up to Tongva Peak (the dotted stretches represent approximations of sections that the camera was blocked from capturing by foliage overgrowth or topography). The network of fireroads is quite extensive throughout the range and even includes a thrilling singletrack I've heard referred to as "The Viper" (in homage to the Magic Mountain rollercoaster, I think). And there's plenty of wildlife. I've been paced by coyote pups, chased mule deer, spooked bobcats napping trailside, and marveled at coastal horned lizards, western toads, garter and gopher snakes galore. Then there's the serenity found atop Tongva Peak at sundown... priceless.

From the trailhead to the water tower is about 2.2 miles in length with an elevation gain of almost 1,200 feet. This Friday will be my first time offroad on my mountain bike since my tenth ride up the Verdugos last April so I'm expecting slow and unsteady going my first few trips. By the end though I typically "zip" up to the top in 30 minutes or so (wel... at least to me it's zippy).

Directions: Get on the Glendale (2) Freeway north. Exit Mountain Street. Left onto Mountain down to Verdugo Road. Right on Verdugo and then get in the left lanes to bear left onto Canada Boulevard where it splits off from Vergdugo at Glendale Community College. Another mile or so is the light at Country Club Drive where you'll make a left and follow it up to Beaudry Boulevard. Left on Beaudry and across one stop sign you'll find the entrance to the trailhead at the sharp curve in the road. Street parking.

Thursday, March 23

Saturday, March 18

Acura L.A. Bike Tour Route

Using the awesome Gmaps Pedometer application to measure tomorrow's bike tour route I found it comes in at 21.82 miles in length. Check it out here.

UPDATE (03/23): A photoset of stills from the DV footage I captured can be found here. And Stephen Roullier's excellent and evocative images of the tour are on display here.

Saturday, March 11

Treasure Hunt Postponed

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Word's just in from the event's organizer that the much-anticipated L.A. Treasure Hunt -- something akin to an Amazing Race on bikes -- has been postponed from tomorrow to April 2 "due to weather conditions."

From the email sent out:
"There is a thunderstorm coming in tonight and chances of heavy rain tomorrow are high, or so numerous weather reports have said. It would be selfish of me to play it by ear and wait till the last minute to cancel the event being that people from all over southern California and as far San Diego are coming to participate in the treasure hunt. I would feel terrible for them to come out here and it be cancelled. I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to the hunt tomorrow but I feel this is the best decision cause its going to be fucking freezing all day and the chances of rain are extremely high. This is for the best."

While I can appreciate the reasons behind the decision, I'm curious as to what weather source he's heeding as shows the 90026 as being partly cloudy and 56 degrees tomorrow with a 20% chance of rain.

A Time For Reflection

Not really. I'm beat. I took a cold shower just to warm up after getting in from tonight's rain-graced Midnight Ridazz Safety Ride. But I just wanted to give a heartfelt "ride on" to all those diehards, delinquents and degenerates who ignored the inclement elements and common sense to make this two-year anniversary ride a blast. It was a wild 13 miles of wet and cold and awesome.

I'm sorry to say my pix turrned out like crap, but I charted the route over here on Gmaps. Check it out.

And Mack Reed who I rode with last night has a marvelous recap and photos of the ride over on his LA Voice website.

UPDATE (03/12): Stephen Roullier has delivered another excellent photoset from Friday's ride.

Tuesday, March 7

My Bike is Beautiful

I finally finished her a coupla months ago and wanted to show her off. I'm calling her "folksfixie" cuz of the upright e.z. ride and industrial look. I just need to add a bikerack to get my messenger bag off my back and my 14 mile each way commute (only twice a week) will be perfect.

Completed at the Bicicocina, natch.

Sunday, March 5

inspirada y . . . ?

lo que pasó

ningunos saben, realmente

todo pasa por una razón

como amor

y el muerte

como éso, son los mismo