Tuesday, May 31

Ruckus Revue

Ruckus Revue, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

Hope to see you there!

Benefit for the Bicycle Kitchen

Carl and Vladimir cooked this up for the Kitchen with this month's early rendition of the Old Time Ruckus Revue.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 24

Bikesummer kick-off party 3rd June!

LA BikeSummer 2005 : Who Knew What to Expect?

BikeSummer, more of an invitation than an event, is an opportunity for the hosting city to show off its bicycle culture. One week before the kick-off event and the people whom make up LA's bike culture have come through in extraordinary ways. BikeSummer comes at a crucial time for LA. While previous hosting cities have had an established bicycle infrastructure, LA's is still forming. Those of us who have worked together on the lead up projects had previously not known each other well; in a way BikeSummer has already been successful in coalescing our various subcultures. Recently I've been to almost half a dozen other cities, armed with newsletters and stickers, talking to other cyclists about LA and cycling. The response has been better than expected and I'm fortunate to be a part of such an amazing movement (cause it is whether we call it that or not!). LA's potential as a bike city is huge: wide, (mostly) flat roads, fantastic weather, and a plethora of resources for cyclists. The events for the month of June are as various as the city itself! From rides on the beach and in the nearby mountains, to art tours/shows and music events, and even scavenger hunts and centuries. Can't wait to be off the computer and on the streets with so many amazing people! My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to make BikeSummer happen; you know who you are. Peace.

LA BikeSummer 2005 )

Thursday, May 19

It''s Never Happend Before

The other day I was headed to the Kitchen from Culver City. Heading East on Melrose during rush hour - booking it past all the bunched up autos. I was coming up to Wilton's red light when this motorcycle pulled into the bike lane (not that there is one) and passed 4 or 5 cars on the right to get to the front of the line. The whole time this motorcycle cop was already at the head of the lane - he had to of seen it all...then the light turned green and off both the motorcycles went. At the next light the cop and I were neck and neck and I shouted out to him, while pointing at the civilian biker, "You saw that he passed on the right, right? And that is against the law, right?" He nodded his head.

Off he went - tailing the motorcycle that he had not even considered giving a ticket to. Just East of Western, on goes the lights, over goes the cop and biker. I can't believe it. A cop actually listened to me and wrote a guy a ticket cuz a bicyclist pointed out that something was against the law.

Never have I felt like the traffic cops are out there to serve and protect us bikers. Maybe it is as simple as just asking? Maybe...

Wednesday, May 18


for the ladies... (or whatever...)
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c'mon boys, you know you wanna post.

Tuesday, May 17


tornpants, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

Perils of Fixie Ridin'

Luckily, I was riding on the left side of the street, kind of ambling along as I didn't have far to go between one point and a cup of coffee. When all of sudden, I felt this tug on my right leg and my foot and calf made this wierd circle pull down that was quite unnatural and painful. I hopped off in the middle of an intersection!!!, but luckily there were no fast cars and it took a quick pull to release the chain and chainrings' toothfull grip on my jeans. Apparently, I did not have my pants rolled up high enough. Thanks be to whoever I wasn't bombing down some hill.

Sunday, May 15

Rudy's Barbershop & Baseman Show...

Small world I tell ya. I was getting my mullet chopped off at Rudy's Barbershop and over heard the stylist in the next chair talking about the Ridazz Prom ride. Fun meeting fellow Ridazz and Kitchen people around the city.

I rode over to check out the Baseman opening nite at the Billy Shire Gallery in Culver City. Saw three other bikes locked up next to mine. Anyone of you? Good show.

Thursday, May 12

Bike Life Drugs

Chunk Gang - Choppacabras Gang - Bike Life can get rowdy!

Monday, May 9


beer, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

Kitchen folk love beer. 92 times

Auf Wierdersehn!

philips, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

crappy spelling. blue light.


greengreen, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

The time for a pullover and click of the digital shutter.

Bicycle Sight

rooster, originally uploaded by fireweed43.

A simple glimpse to why I love to ride: A rooster and double green.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I love this quote by Chris Kostman

“Cycling opens the world, while providing the most efficient means of transportation ever devised for humans. Whether training, racing, or commuting, cycling teaches blending with the landscape like no other mechanized activity. Momentum, aerodynamics, geography, climate, and
more, they all open up their secrets at cycling-speed. And at the same time, the bicycle puts the rider in touch with the human environment,
generating waves, smiles, and hi’s from passers-by and fellow road users, not to mention teaching one how to predict, negotiate, and avoid those less friendly to those on two wheels. But most of all, cycling is the ultimate, grin-a-minute, great equalizer, ready to embrace any and all in a wind-in-your-hair, two-wheeled adventure.”
LA BikeSummer 2005

A sticker I made a while ago...

Above is a sticker I made a while back to help promote Critical Mass. I have a cute high-volume shipping label printer. If any of ya'll need stickers made for your rides, I'd be happy to make some- say, 100-200. Contact me through the contact forms on the right side of my website.

You got to coordinate

This bike was in front of the Goodwill Store. It reminded of that line from the movie Boomerang, "Son, you got to coooordinate"

Saturday, May 7

5.6.5 ride

rode from my new place in silverlake over to west hollywood for a free haircut (i had played guitar/sang for an event for this fancy-shmancy salon = gift certificate). hair is really damn short. wandered around melrose and distributed bikesummer stickers. saw this guy i used to like with his hot gf. woo hoo. she's too nice to hate though. sh1t. went to canter's and ate matzo ball soup. then biked back at dusk. almost got hit. funny thing was--as i saw this guy coming for me, my first thought was, "don't hurt my bike!!" weird, eh?

see www.flickr.com/photos/veloiseau/sets/310633/ for random pics from may the 6th, 2005. yay.

Thursday, May 5

Bike Whore...

Rode past this on the side walk in front of La Luz De Jesus.
- nhat

Tuesday, May 3

a christmas story

i rejoice because i have no choice but to square off with los angeles. we see each other across the ring--the mighty mecca vs. the tender-skinned girl. yet when we draw close my punch falls limp and i embrace.

around christmastime i was riding down jefferson when i noticed a group of brawny firemen up on the station. they were trying desperately to hang these dainty little lights, obviously having a hell of a time, but laughing just the same--stretching their navy blue uniforms a bit too much in their effort to decorate. i literally cried. then i thanked my bike. the end.

Monday, May 2

kitchen utensils

i've always been fascinated by objects that have an active life. i like how they wear. i like how they make community. and you might say, objects do not make community. but you know, they belong. they are trace. i'd dare to say that communities and beings are woven out of live things and inanimate things. anyway... after a nice spring ride with L. i droped by the kitchen today with her camera in the bag. i was thinking about a couple of pics for the biciblog but then i got carried away... by the weave you might say. el jimmy was there running the thing with his virtual octupus skill, hands on everything, fluid, no brakes you know. sometimes i think he's like some informational node, linking all, radio on greasy hands. then philipp droped by, he's leaving to germany in two weeks but he rides the rush with his soothing smile. we talked as i took pictures with my usual feline gesture.

bikekitchen 055

bikekitchen 021

bikekitchen 060

bikekitchen 065

bikekitchen 068

bikekitchen 089

now, this is the altar of the wheel, bendita sea la rueda:
bikekitchen 034

and today i had the privilege of seeing the amazing spoke screwing machine:
bikekitchen 088

and i just love the handlebar tree. here is where the brakelevers get to hold the handlebars. role inversion at its best:
bikekitchen 015

is there a patent for this?
bikekitchen 016

the archive:
kitchen back

bikekitchen 087

bikekitchen 004

if you want more pics, bigger sizes, or if you are into flickr click here.