Saturday, May 20

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs!

Tommorow (May 21) is the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition's annual Los Angeles River Ride and while prior obligations prevent me from participating, I did pitch in this morning and help in the mounting of roadside course markers to help keep riders rolling right, left or straight ahead.

So if you happen to find yourself from mile 12.4 to mile 17.5 between Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights and the L.A. River Bikeway entrance south of Vernon, you have the team of Howard Hackett (left), Bruce Dobb (right) and yours truly to thank for keeping you headed in the right direction.


Mack said...

So, uhhh, when is someone going to take down all those signs. The ride was 5 days ago.

Will said...

Yeah, I saw some of the signs still up on the river path this morning. I'm guessing they'll be getting around to taking them down... hopefully soon.