Thursday, May 4

the pLAgue

if you thought the L.A. bike scene didn't have a zine, well, you are wrong. it probably has more than one. i know of this one, the bikepLAgue bikes in L.A zine issue number two march 2006. the good Matt handed me a copy the other day when we were ready to leave for the bad idea ride and it took me a while to process it but that's what i like about zines, you can have them around for a while untill you get to them. flat flipping little creatures.

bikepLAgue is published under a creative commons licence and it has a bunch of reports of bike events, news, and random stuff. my favorite section is Ms. Spindle's problem page, good answers. i suspect she makes up some of the questions, but that's ok.

there is an excellent interview with Cole Coonce some writer dude who has been droping bicycle articles in our not so dear mainstream media. well done.
i also liked this short description of a long touring adventure between seattle a S.F. some down to earth recomendations there. like: "iPods. If you're riding with other people, sing to each other okay?". sweet.

support the pLAgue. if you want more information or want to contribute or distribute write to cash donations accepted i hear. and don't forget zines stay around thanks to your writing too.

get a PDF of bikepLAgue here.
Thanks Max!

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Maxwell said...

You can also read it on the interweb, (8Mb PDF) (12Mb PDF)