Tuesday, October 16

STILL making the bike film!!

***** Second Call for BIKE Film Crew and Bicyclist-created Soundtrack *****

I am working on a short film (abt 5 min.) for my beginning filmmaking class at LA City College.

The story is the triumph of a man and his bicycle- once separated, but eventually reunited, on the streets of LA. It is as-yet untitled.

I plan to create this entire film without the use of a car. All filming / crew and gear transport will occur via bicycle and public transit.

Our second day of shooting will be Tuesday, October 23rd, from 9am until 5pm.

My intention is to create a film that we can enter into the Bicycle Film Festival.

**I am looking for 2-4 crew members to help with the filming. For this filming day, you will need a backpack to carry a bit of the gear. We will be filming primarily in subway stations / on trains, so we’ll leave our bikes at home or locked outside the Wilshire/Western station (our starting point).

**I am also looking to use music by LA-based bicyclist musicians as the soundtrack. As the film has very little dialogue, the music will play an important part of the film. I’m looking for a variety of music (perhaps 3 songs, in total). However, one song must be fast-paced and overlay nicely with a chase scene. If there are lyrics, they don’t need to be about bicycling, but it would be great if they were!

I will pay for crew members’ metro pass expenses for filming days and provide food.

Of course, you will be listed in the credits and I will give each person that works on it a copy of the film.

If you would like to be a part of the guerilla film-on-bike madness, write to me at



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