Thursday, October 25

Lung Compromise

I just wanted to send a shout out of encouragement to all you cycling commuters to maybe incorporate the bus/metro into your ride while these fires burn. Yesterday I had to walk my bike up sunset out of chinatown cuz i felt like i was going to hyperventilate. I could not get enough oxygen! It's terrible and I urge you all to be careful. Ride slow!!!! drink water!!!!


Julio said...

I've been using a 3M mask and it has helped tremendously during these days of HORRIBLE air conditions. Nonetheless, I did less "joy-rides" and stuck to riding only to commute to(and from) work.

Anonymous said...

how sad. i remember once coming back from mexico, driving in to LA and coming to the stunning realization that i was breathing THAT all day long, every day i spent in the city. and that was 25 years ago. i can't imagine what it's like now.