Thursday, July 5

"This is How We Roll" screen print benefits the Bicycle Kitchen

There is an interesting Art show being held a few doors down from the Bicycle Kitchen, at Scoops/Antai Gallery called "Flat Fix and Sew Ups" - it was mentioned before by Federico with a small sampling of his stunning work.
I agreed to take part in the show only on the basis that the work will be accessible and will benefit society in some way. With that in mind, and being asked to create something theme-specific on a very short notice, I created a piece that would be screen printed. The screen prints will then be available for sale at a very affordable price with a very large portion of the sale being donated directly to a non-profit with immediacy to the show's theme. So, here we are.

in detail:
The piece is called "This is How We Roll".
The Persian calligraphy translates roughly to "This is How We Roll" - but more in slang, as in "this is how we roll" in reference to rolling with a certain style, a swagger, a charm (a way of passion)... how it's done.
The piece is loaded with many sacred geometries, shapes and numbers in its creation that it would make a mystic elated.

2 colour screen print on Stonehenge paper (100% cotton, acid free)
22" x 30" overall size, with an approximate 2" spacing. (55.9 cm x 76.2 cm, 5 cm spacing) Each print is hand screen printed, signed and numbered with a light penciled translation of the calligraphy in case you should forget how to read Persian years down the line!
100 prints will be made in total.... although, by the very nature of the piece, leading to its difficulty to execute, the process is very slow and arduous.

(UPDATE: these are now for sale on

The print will be available for sale through the Bicycle Kitchen, beginning July 1st from 12 - 8 pm and continuing during open hours of the Kitchen through July 19th.

***IF YOU ARE NOT IN LOS ANGELES BUT WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE A PRINT*** Please e-mail alex at unmap dot org.
You can send payment through PayPal to:
alex at unmap dot org, add about $3 US for the PayPal fees. Or save $3 and send a check via post.

Shipping within the continental United States will be $15 - International shipping will be $20.

The show, "Flat Fix and Sew Ups" opened on July 1st, along with a day-long block party on Heliotrope Avenue, just north of Melrose Avenue, and will continue to show through the 19th of July

"Flat Fix and Sew Ups" at the Scoops/Antai Gallery
712 N Heliotrope Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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