Tuesday, July 3

RIDE-Arc is looking for a few good organisers!

This was posted on the RIDE-Arc newsletter earlier today:

Would you like to be an organizer of a RIDE-Arc ride?
We are now taking applications for guest editors of future rides. Through this experience, you will get a feel of what it takes to put together a RIDE-Arc ride, and see if there is that magic chemistry to take RIDE-Arc further into the horizon.
Here's how to apply:

-Email ridearc@gmail.com with:
--Your C.V.
--A photo of you when you were less than 10 years old. (We're not kidding, this is actually an important part of the process and we'll explain why later on, if it isn't obvious already)
--Ideas you may have for a future ride or rides.
--Answers to the following few, initial break-the-ice questions:
--How long have you lived in Los Angeles?
--Where in the world have you traveled to? For how long and how often?
--Fill in the following blanks: "____________ is sexy, but _____________ is sexier"
--Do you have any teaching experience?
We've only got a few months to get this Guest-Editor system going, so the sooner you apply the better for all RIDE-Arc riders. Once you are considered as a guest editor, we'll get started on developing your ride with the assistance of Alex and Gabe. We will help share the load of work involved in putting these things together, with you, and we'll find out of the riding chemistry works.

The only requirement is that you've been on a RIDE-Arc ride before and really enjoyed the concept + experience. Being on our mailing list and constantly admitting to us, with a healthy amount of guilt, that you've never been on a ride doesn't count. You should know by now - GET ON YOUR BICYCLE AND JOIN IN ON RIDE-ARC!!

The benefits? Oh darling don't you know? - they're too extensive to mention here. The internet could not possibly contain such amounts of information. Really, it's worth it. You'll love it - we do. And now, it's your opportunity to take part.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they find someone..I miss this ride! One of the best rides I've been on since I've started riding little more than a year ago. It was great people and great time!