Thursday, September 20

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Hello, When I posted a piece on sharing the road, from an Arizona cyclist this weekend, and began the latest batch of debate on the subject on my Blog, The Cycling Dude, I had no idea another tragedy was happening in our community.

I got the following e-mail, from a reporter at the OC Register, yesterday, and pass it along because of the last part of it:

Hello Kiril,

I am a reporter for the Register. I am working on a story about Sandy
Julienne of Huntington Beach, a cyclist who was struck and killed by a big
rig while riding in Irvine on Saturday. My understanding is he was well
known in the cycling community. I am wondering if you knew him, knew of him
or know anyone who does, as we are interested in writing a news obituary.

It seems we've had an unfortunate patterm of these tragedies lately here in
Orange County. I would also appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how
to improve safety and interaction between vehicles and bicycles.


Erika Chavez
Staff Writer
The Orange County Register
(949) 553-2914

Here is my post on the Arizona essay, and I am encouraging anyone with thoughts on the subject, and the comments made so far, to weigh in:

The Register had a brief mention of what is known about the Irvine incident so far, and this has so far spurred 2 pages of comments.

I replied to 4 of them, then because of the tendency for such comments to get deleted for arbitrary reasons, included the comments, and my responses, with 4 pics taken when I visited the accident site this morning, in a post on my blog, again, hoping to spur discussion:

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested in tossing in their 2 cents.


Santa Ana, CA.

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