Sunday, January 22

Ridazz In The Media

Don't know if anyone else caught it, but on last night's (Saturday, Jan. 21)) "Eye on L.A." show on KABC, a segment was devoted to the Midnight Ridazz with footage filmed during last November's "Dead Theater" ride. Nice.


IMBG said...

Anybody get that on tape/Tivo? They didn't have any video on the Eye On LA website (they did have a little one-paragraph blurb...they spelled it "Midnight Riders").

fish-e said...

How are we supposed to gain respect riding alone or in small groups when as a bunch we; don’t wear helmets, run every stop light, go against traffic, ride through businesses, take up two or three lanes of the road, throw trash as we ride, flaunt the open container law and pick fights with cars because we find false security in numbers? Ridazz is fun, but riders are foolish. Godspeed to the poor schmuck who took on the Merc and lost and to all the newly-fixed who learned to ride yesterday, please go practice.

Anonymous said...

quit hating and start levitating.