Saturday, July 15

July Midnight Ridazz Tops 1300

1345 Ridazz. Nothing official, just a number I overheard thrown out by some pizza delivery dude. Police choppers shinning the midnight sun down on the masses in closed parks. All in all a great time was had. Midnight Ridazz .... Ride On!

You'll find a few photos of this and past adventures here.

And here is a link to YouTube for some video if you like.



fish-e said...

fo'shizzle! that was a fun ridazz! seemed to get broken up/fragmented twice by the fuzz but the monster kept reforming - RIDE ON!. anyone know what happened to the folks who got into it with the irrate metermaid? or the dummies who tried to start a fight with a carload of junior thugs by the 101 near the end? whatevs - it was a far more entertaining ride than we've had for awhile...

Will said...

Excellent pix Mark!

Anonymous said...

i went on the ride on friday and thought the conduct from both parties (bicyclists and motorists alike) was rather appalling. i thought we were trying to create a positive relationship and reputation for bicyclists in la. i don't think this caused was helped what with the threat of tossing cars onto suvs and further provoking already irate drivers who were in about to engage in street fights --not cool.

don't get me wrong: i'm a big fan of bicycling and believe that the bicycle kitchen does great work, but i'm not a fan of antagonism, especially on these rides which are supposed to be fun and not scary.

i'm probably going to get flamed for this, but think about this: how many of you had to drive your bikes to meet at the corner of echo park and sunset? would you be angry if a group of hell's angels (or SOMETHING) prevented you from getting to your destination on time? many of us live in southern california and we all drive in some capacity.

i'm rather freaked to ride alone at night now, especially through the neighborhoods in which we were traversing on friday. i'm afraid that a motorist who was held up in traffic on friday will remember the bicyclists who antagonized her/him, and that i will be plowed over in an act of revenge.

just a thought.

federico said...

in reply to anonymous...
Thanks for saying that the bicycle kitchen does a great work! Yay!

I just want to clarify that although many Cooks (Kitchen Volunteers) attend and participate in Midnight Ridazz (among other organized or not organized rides) we are NOT in any capacity affiliated with those rides. We anounce all types of rides happening around the greater Los Angeles area, but we assume NO responsibility for those events.

Midnight Ridazz is a different entity from the Bicycle Kitchen.

Just so you know.

Will said...

I certainly hope you don't get flamed, but you're right: you run a good risk of it.

A rew Ridazz ago I dared to express an opinion against a contingent of riders who seemed to take an odd sort of pride in discarding their trash along the route and an even odder offense that I thought such behavior sucked.

As to fearing an act of retribution. I mean this in the nicest way possible: let that crap go. I flatted at the end and by the time I got rolling again I was pretty much the last one out. While changing out the tube I got into a conversation with an area resident who had been stuck in the jam and approached me far more curious than crazed. And a couple miles away on 6th near Western a car pulled up loaded with late-nighters who'd gotten corked earlier and again they were intrigued not insulted.

The magic of Midnight Ridazz is that it's a free-for-all, appealing to and drawing all manner of cycling enthusiast. I love that melting pot aspect, but I also recognize that it will seldom result in all of us rolling around as one big happy family. There will always be episodes that appall and enthrall and, though difficult at times, I do my best to look past the negative and see the positive.

Here's an example. Near the end of the ride on a narrow residential street a cab got stuck in the middle of all of us and its passenger got out practically begging for help in allowing the cab to get him to the airport in time for his flight. One rider in front of me basically told him he was SOL and the passenger responded with a "Thanks, Dickwad!" The rider started to slow down as if more than willing to escalate the antagonism and I tried to diffuse it by just telling him to "let it go." Then another rider actually ridiculed me for what I said. The moral? Sometimes you can't win, but you can always ride on -- which we all did.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, i cork as often as i can for the rides. usually, i'll go up to the window and say to the driver something along the line of "sorry, we'll be gone in a second. big ride coming through." they're usually dumbfounded and say "well, ok."

there will always be the drivers who don't like bikers but i THINK the majority of drivers who see us think "whoa, that's cool" it's a minor inconvienence but my interactions tell me people like what they see.

Anonymous said...

In response to federico:

Just by the sheer fact that the Bicycle Kitchen announces, advertises, promotes, and even blogs these rides, means that:

1.) The BK IS affiliated with these rides.
2.) The BK should be CONCERNED with what goes on in these rides. Though, I agree with you that you should not take responsibility.

Believe it or not, such activities are directly attached to the reputation of the BK. Google "Midnight Ridazz" -- the BK site comes up 2nd. Google "Midnight Ride Los Angeles", the BK site comes up 1st. If these motorists want to complain about the conduct of cyclists on these rides, they're going to be directed directly to the Bicycle Kitchen.

It is like an advertiser that advertises for a certain show on television or radio. If that show does something to catch the attention of the FCC or it's audience, letters will pour into the advertiser, and the FCC will also fine the advertiser.

fish-e said...

interesting to note that in NYC this week, authorities are pushing for a new law that would require groups larger than two cyclists to hold parade permits. Oughta make club team training rides pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned about this NYC stuff, too - but it seems to me that requiring a permit for any protests has GOT to be unconstitutional.

Does anyone have a copy of the Constitution handy?

Anonymous said...

fish-e said...

it's not a permit to protest, it's permit to march/gather in groups. and I think there was a typo, it's not '2 or more', it's '20 or more'. working on confirming...

Anonymous said...

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