Thursday, June 15

Is there any interest in organizing a rally at a gas station? is facilitating a spate of events in the early evening of June 28. I think this could be a way to begin building a coalition, to begin building some bridges with car people. It could also be a really good way to hang out at gas stations. Please post comments if interested. I'll move the event to BikeBoom if we get some positive feedback. Below is MovOn's description:

Rally for an Oil Free Congress

Gas prices are off the charts, the situation in the Middle East is unstable, scientists are warning that global warming is at a tipping point, and last month, MoveOn members decided that �clean, sustainable energy� should be one of our key goals. That�s why it�s time for an �Oil-Free Congress.�

On Wednesday, June 28th�right before the 4th of July when gas prices will be front and center as folks plan for the long weekend�we�re going to be holding gas station rallies across the country. We'll tell Congress it's time to say no to Big Oil's money and become Oil Free. Sign up for an event near you or host your own..


Ann Archist said...

yeah sure pick on the little guy trying to put food on his table. Why don't they demonstrate outside of Standard oils Manhattan beach facility or that other one a little further south I think. Picketing outside of some guys gas station would be like in the wind.

david said...

...its still a good idea just in case the drivers had forgotten about bicycles as a form of locomotion. I say go even though I am not an active demonstrator. (Don't forget about your introductory economics classes while rallying-there are myriad causes and effects in the world market for oil.)

Alexkenefick said...

Well that rally was pretty poorly attended. Maybe I should have listened to your cautious comments a little more.

Anonymous said...

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