Wednesday, May 24

Inaccurate Bike Lane Signs (cont...)

Here are a few more examples of inaccurate Bike Lane signs. Today I rode west from Hoover on Venice Blvd. Then I took Redondo south to Jefferson, then Jefferson to La Cienega and my office.

Venice at Arlington. At this point the sign says Bike Route.

Venice at 2nd Ave. Now we have Bike Lane all the way until the Bike Lane is actually there at San Vincente.

Venice at 4th Ave

Venice at Norton

Venice at Crenshaw

Venice at Wellington

Venice East of San Vincente

Redondo at Washington. Metro's new Bike Maps for the city have Redondo listed as a Bike Route. Well, the signs say Bike Lane so I will ride them as the law states I can.

Redondo at Bangor

Redondo at Jefferson. This is the 1st sign on Redodno headed south that says Bike Route. Once you turn the corner, if you refer to earlier posts on this topic, the signs become Bike Lane again, but of course - there is no Bike Lane on Jefferson.

More to follow, as well as a summary of what I have been thinking about while shooting these and the possible implications for riders rights and the city/county's responsibilites. Ride on and Ride safely!

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