Tuesday, May 2

Inaccurate Bike Lane Signage (continued)

I am going to first give some examples of Accurate Bike Lanes:

Hoover South of Venice
Hoover Near Washington
Sunset At Benton
Sunset At Maltman

Now for some more Inaccurate Bike Lanes:

Jefferson At La Cienega Headed East. Starts as a Bike Route.

Jefferson At Hauser Headed East. Becomes a Bike Lane

Jefferson West of Redondo Headed West

Jefferson At Clyde Headed West

4th At Arden. Says there is a Bike Lane on Arden.

4th At Arden Looking South

4th At Arden Looking North

More to Come...


Maxwell said...

I need to take some pictures of an open car door in the bike lane, the arrow points right smack into the door

Anonymous said...

Take a picture of the the bike lane paint on Eagle Rock Blvd going north/east-bound. The "N" in the sign is backwards on 2 or 3 occassions. Idiot DOT workers...