Wednesday, April 19

Inaccurate Bike Lane Signage

Yesterday I began photographing inaccurate "Bike Lane" signs on my commute. I will be photographing these for 1 month and posting them here. If you would like to add your own photos of innaccurate signs, please feel free, I am only focused on "Bike Lane" signs for now. The following codes are from the California Streets and Highways Code. I believe the portion I am focusing on is 890.4.(b), and how a "bike lane" is "restricted right-of-way" versus "bike route" is "shared with pedestrians or motorists." After the codes are my first examples of innacurate "Bike Lane" signage. I will include a correct "Bike Lane" shortly (Sunset Blvd West of Downtown, Venice Blvd west of Crenshaw, Santa Monica Blvd in W. Hollywood, etc).

890.4. As used in this article, "bikeway" means all facilities that provide primarily for bicycle travel. For purposes of this article, bikeways shall be categorized as follows:

(a) Class I bikeways, such as a "bike path," which provide a completely separated right-of-way designated for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians with crossflows by motorists minimized.

(b) Class II bikeways, such as a "bike lane," which provide a restricted right-of-way designated for the exclusive or semiexclusive use of bicycles with through travel by motor vehicles or pedestrians prohibited, but with vehicle parking and crossflows by pedestrians and motorists permitted.

(c) Class III bikeways, such as an onstreet or offstreet "bike route," which provide a right-of-way designated by signs or permanent markings and shared with pedestrians or motorists.

890.6. The department, in cooperation with county and city governments, shall establish minimum safety design criteria for the planning and construction of bikeways and roadways where bicycle travel is permitted. The criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the design speed of the facility, minimum widths and clearances, grade, radius of curvature, pavement surface, actuation of automatic traffic control devices, drainage, and general safety. The criteria shall be updated biennially, or more often, as needed.

890.8. The department shall establish uniform specifications and symbols for signs, markers, and traffic control devices to designate bikeways, regulate traffic, improve safety and convenience for bicyclists, and alert pedestrians and motorists of the presence of bicyclists on bikeways and on roadways where bicycle travel is permitted.

891. All city, county, regional, and other local agencies responsible for the development or operation of bikeways or roadways where bicycle travel is permitted shall utilize all minimum safety design criteria and uniform specifications and symbols for signs, markers, and traffic control devices established pursuant to Sections 890.6 and 890.8.

Redondo North of Jefferson

Redondo South of Washington

Redondo at Pico

La Brea at 6th

4th 1 block West of Highland (I included this to show how one sign say "Bike Route" and the next is "Bike Lane"

4th East of Highland

4th and Rimpau

3rd and Arden

More coming in the month ahead...Thanks for looking.


Will said...

Those "Bike Lane" signs are certainly head scratchers. "Bike Route" signs would be much more appropriate given that they more broadly indicate a course rather than an actual lane.

Keep 'em coming!

Guzman said...

Yes, I think rather than change them to Bike Route, the County Trans dept should paint the Line to make them legit Bike Lanes.

federico said...

this is great man. well done.

cole coonce said...

the "bike lane" heading west on Venice, just east of Crenshaw, is a joke... and extremely congested and dicey... worth documenting, if you get a chance... (great project, btw...)

m said...

Also key are the Bike Lane signs on Fountain between La Brea and Western. Oy! They mock me!

Anonymous said...

The best bike lana signage is no signage at all. Bike lanes are a bad idea, there is no way around it.


Anonymous said...

In summer 2000, I was struck by a car in the right-hand lane of S La Brea Ave, just north of the Coliseum St intersection. There were BIKE LANE signs all along S La Brea, at the time. The LA County website clearly marked it as a designated "bike lane". Since I required emergency care (broken arm, concussion, etc) and my bike was destroyed, I sued the lady in small claims court. The judge threw out the case, claiming there was no proof that I didnt just fall down, even though the driver admitted she hit me. L.A. is the worst city in the world for bikes. SO MUCH HAPPIER NOW THAT I AM LIVING IN BEAUTIFUL COPENHAGEN!!!