Sunday, September 11

talk about dumb luck.

20 feet from home and my bike is demolished. it wasn't my fault, or was it? maybe i was the one dumb enough to think you could ride a bike in the street at 1:30 on a friday night.


my darling PEUGEOT said...

i dont know what else to say about your accident except that sucks,i hope your ok. since were on the subject of things that suck my bike got stolen from my house. I had a brownish red peugeot that was stolen last night (sept. 15th) i was hoping for some help in trying to find it. it has a brown seat and brown grip tape, i have been to almost every midnight ridaz and have yet to see a bike like it, soo if anyone sees a brownish red PEUGEOT with a brown seat and brown grip tape, i would say that its probably mine... please, PLEASE email me if you have any info on where it might be. i will offer a reward.. my email address is ok thanks, *hannah*

Anonymous said...

geez, hannah. that sucks. i'll keep my eye out. since i'm actively looking for a bike, that eye is wide. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Sad about that. I used to work swing shift in downtown L.A. I'd ride all over after work. Admittedly, one night a pothole took out both my rims, but other than that things were cool.

The only place I wouldn't ride at 1:30 on a Friday night would be Playa Del Rey in Isla Vista. It's one solid party.