Thursday, May 19

It''s Never Happend Before

The other day I was headed to the Kitchen from Culver City. Heading East on Melrose during rush hour - booking it past all the bunched up autos. I was coming up to Wilton's red light when this motorcycle pulled into the bike lane (not that there is one) and passed 4 or 5 cars on the right to get to the front of the line. The whole time this motorcycle cop was already at the head of the lane - he had to of seen it all...then the light turned green and off both the motorcycles went. At the next light the cop and I were neck and neck and I shouted out to him, while pointing at the civilian biker, "You saw that he passed on the right, right? And that is against the law, right?" He nodded his head.

Off he went - tailing the motorcycle that he had not even considered giving a ticket to. Just East of Western, on goes the lights, over goes the cop and biker. I can't believe it. A cop actually listened to me and wrote a guy a ticket cuz a bicyclist pointed out that something was against the law.

Never have I felt like the traffic cops are out there to serve and protect us bikers. Maybe it is as simple as just asking? Maybe...

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